“Applied Cryptography and Network Security”: Open Access Book Publication



Edited by: Jaydip Sen

ISBN 978-953-51-0218-2, Hard cover, 376 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: Mars 2012
Subject: Computer and Information Science


Cryptography will continue to play important roles in developing of new security solutions which will be in great demand with the advent of high-speed next-generation communication systems and networks. This book discusses some of the critical security challenges faced by today’s computing world and provides insights to possible mechanisms to defend against these attacks. The book contains sixteen chapters which deal with security and privacy issues in computing and communication networks, quantum cryptography and the evolutionary concepts of cryptography and their applications like chaos-based cryptography and DNA cryptography. It will be useful for researchers, engineers, graduate and doctoral students working in cryptography and security related areas. It will also be useful for faculty members of graduate schools and universities.


Chapter 12, pp. 267-294,

Notions of Chaotic Cryptography: Sketch of a Chaos Based Cryptosystem
Carmen Pellicer-Lostao and Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz


Chaotic cryptography describes the use of chaos theory (in particular physical dynamical systems working in chaotic regime as part of communication techniques and computation algorithms) to perform different cryptographic tasks in a cryptographic system. In the end, the question is, can chaotic systems provide alternative techniques able to enhance cryptographic algorithms?. This chapter can be a worthy material to guide the reader in order to answer himself this question. Thus, the objective of this chapter is to give a general vision of what chaotic cryptography is and a comprehensive example that illustrates the main techniques used in this field. In it, the authors are intended to present a series of selected topics of special interest in this field.

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