«Symbiosis: Evolution, Biology and Ecological Effects»: Nova Book Publication


"Symbiosis: Evolution, Biology and Ecological Effects": Nova Book PublicationBOOK:    SYMBIOSIS: EVOLUTION, BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGICAL EFFECTS

Edited by: Alejandro F. Camisão and Celio C. Pedroso

ISBN 978-1-62257-211-3, Hard cover, 266 pp.
Publisher: Nova Publishers
Publication date: December 2012
Series: Animal Science, Issues and Professions

Symbiosis refers to the biological interaction between two organisms or species, living in close association. In this book, the authors present current research in the study of the evolution, biology and ecological effects of symbiosis. Topics discussed include the evolution of arbuscular mycorrhiza; legume properties and symbiosis; sea anemones and hermit crab symbiosis in temperate seas; the agronomic and ecological importance between legumes and rhizobia; the behavioral, physiological and ecological effects of organisms in symbiotic associations; and a neuronal model with symbiotic interactions. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Chapter 10, pp. 235-254,

The Bistable Brain: A Neuronal Model with Symbiotic Interactions
Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz and Danièle Fournier-Prunaret


In general, the behavior of large and complex aggregates of elementary components can not be understood nor extrapolated from the properties of a few components. The brain is a good example of this type of networked systems where some patterns of behavior are observed independently of the topology and of the number of coupled units. Following this insight, we have studied the dynamics of different aggregates of logistic maps according to a particular symbiotic coupling scheme that imitates the neuronal excitation coupling. All these aggregates show some common dynamical properties, concretely a bistable behavior that is reported here with a certain detail. Thus, the qualitative relationship with neural systems is suggested through a naive model of many of such networked logistic maps whose behavior mimics the waking-sleeping bistability displayed by brain systems. Due to its relevance, some regions of multistability are determined and sketched for all these logistic models.

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