After lots of very early risers,
after so much stress,
after so many sleepless nights,
after nightmares and infinite dreams,
we are finishing the year again.
Keeping in touch
has been, one more time,
a broken dream
by the speed of the days.

Speed, which does not prevent me from
thinking about you and feeling
that distance is an ephemeral thing
when feelings
are inside the heart.

Today, close to the New Year
I want to stop my journey
and sit down close to you
sharing these brief instants
in which my letters,
make all of us
rest at least a second
before jumping to time.

The only truly continuous thing
in our lives.
However, if it does not go on
it leaves our beloved ones behind us,
it deteriorates our hopes
and undermines our illusions.

By that, I wish you
that The New Year
gives you Time.
That Life, lets you use it
to sort out the problems
which wanted to stay with us.
That the most needed DREAMS
become real.
That ILLUSION keeps on lighting
Your Tree of life
and that HOPE,
full of smiles and tears
everything our eyes reach.
That the New Year lets us, at least,
sharing this short annual instant
which always arrives before we predicted it.
By that and by all the friends feel
I wish you:
A Happy New Year
Mónica Abella Palacios

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Jordi Sierra Marquez

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